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James Law

James has authored three books and Produced three Documentary films that merge Science and Spirituality.
He is a Humanitarian and Environmental Activist with a degree in Environmental Horticulture.His love of Nature has led him on pursuits from the Bahamas to Hawaii.

Some look at Jim as being a Renaissance Man. His early youth in Florida led him to become a Treasure Diver in the Florida Keys being part of an expedition in search of the most valuable Spanish Galleon ever found, the Atocha. He is an accomplished competitive swimmer having been in the Jr. Olympics at the Swimming Hall of Fame. He later moved on to get his pilots license, then later became a Landscape Contractor. In the mix…Jim owned a Documentary Film company (Voice Entertainment which produced three Documentary Films. His company became the sole distributor of the film, “Water the Great Mystery” with Dr. Emoto) During his film career, he rubbed elbows with well known Scientists from around the world and his work behind the Camera gave him the opportunity to learn and grow even more so on his spiritual path.

In 2013, Jim managed his tour company on Kauai while helping people grow Spiritually by holding Retreats there. He works with special gifts that have led him to become an Intuitive Counselor. Jim enjoys public speaking as a new adventure as much of his work of the past set him behind the camera instead of in front. Jim now resides in Sedona Arizona full time.

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