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Community Gardens

Edenvale Community Gardens is a co-operative, charitable project sponsored by Emissaries of Divine Light British Columbia and The HOME Society. It is located at 4460 Bradner Road (next to the barn), in Abbotsford, B.C.

Edenvale Community Gardens features forty 10 foot by 20 foot plots of developed flower and vegetable gardens, a lawn area perfect for picnics and community events, parking lot and a great clubhouse. We are committed to keeping the gardens organic.

A number of community groups and companies such as Fraser Valley Conservancy, Fraser Valley Permaculture, HOME Society, Emissaries of Divine Light and Dragonlily Gardens have supported the creation and ongoing growth of the Community Gardens. Events such as a Harvest Gathering, Christmas Social and Seedy Saturday let us all share our lives and ideals.”

A local school, Bradner Elementary, has brought school groups to the property to experience the magic and practicality of touching nature in both gardens and woods. The two pot-bellied pigs, Hamlet and Ophelia, and the chickens (names unknown) offer a touching in with animal life. Hamlet even goes to school some days! Recently the entire school came to the Gardens for a salmon lunch and drumming ceremony of thanksgiving hosted by elders from the local Sto:lo First Nations.

Anyone wishing to have their own community garden plot at Edenvale Community Gardens is invited to come and choose a space for this year or next year’s season, and to meet fellow gardeners from all levels of experience from brand new to master.

For more information, contact:
Jeannie Martin

Edenvale Community Gardens