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Frequently Asked Questions

What do The Emissaries believe?

The core of the Emissary program is the experience of the divine in living, which is available to all people. At the center of each of us there is a Being of almost inconceivable majesty and light. This is the reality of who we are. Most of us, however, show only short glimpses of that reality to our world. Many people harbor a deep sense of doubt and an underlying discontent about the direction of their lives. Those feelings can persist through any pleasure and success that may be enjoyed. We know that it is possible for the reality of who we truly are to emerge in the world. There is a way to use every relationship, every job – in fact, everything we do – as a means to let our inner Being become more real to us and to those around us.

Who attends Emissary programs?

Often, people who sense that their life is reshaping or transforming in some important way and want to let that happen as creatively as possible.

Are The Emissaries Christian?

We deeply value the spirit and vision that Jesus brought, and the profound gift that he gave humanity through his life and teaching. We believe that he came on Earth to inspire all people to accept the fullness of their Divine identity and thereby restore Humankind to their rightful place as God in action on earth. We seek to follow his example and teaching, as he invited us to do. We don’t believe that his courage and purity of heart relieves any person of their own spiritual responsibility.

We also recognize the truth that has been brought by other visionary leaders, some of whom are honored in the world’s great religions, and many of whom are relatively unknown.

Are The Emissaries a cult?

The danger of cults is that individuals are induced to give up their lives—either to a single, eccentric leader, to a disempowering doctrine, or to “group think.” The Emissaries challenge people to live their own authentic lives, and to take ultimate responsibility for their worlds. Our programs foster a personal sense of purpose in the context of spiritual regeneration and transformation. At the same time, we acknowledge that there is a risk of cultic behavior whenever people associate in groups, large or small, and we are no exception. We believe that being conscious of this common human tendency is one of the best ways for us as individuals and as a group to go in a different direction.

What kind of people participate in The Emissaries?

People from many parts of the world and from many walks of life attend Emissary programs and/or live in Emissary communities. What they have in common is that they have chosen a personal path of spiritual awakening and transformation, and they are passionate about being of service.

How do The Emissaries handle emotions?

We see human emotions as gateways for the expression of Love in all its forms. We don’t see the powerful capacity for emotion that is in each person as a mistake, even though the misuse of emotions can lead to unhappiness and destructiveness. When we learn to use our emotions for the expression of our inner spirit, they become tools for great creativity. Our classes and seminars assist people to release their spirit through the emotional gateways in their human makeup.