Developing Emotional & Spiritual Intelligence

Join us for an immersive in-person experience at Edenvale, Abbotsford, this June 12-14, 2024, for a transformative program on Developing Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence. This program, based on the teachings of the book “Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life,” will be led by Emissaries David Karchere, Keahi Ewa and Oren Yakovee, from Sunrise Ranch, Colorado.

An In-Person Program at Edenvale

Dates: Half day Wednesday, June 12, then all day Thursday and Friday, June 13-14, 2024

Location: Edenvale, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Instructors: Emissaries David Karchere, Keahi Ewa, and Oren Yakovee, from Sunrise Ranch, Colorado

Program Highlights:

    • Deep Dive into Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence: Learn to harness the power of your emotions and spirituality to enhance self-awareness and personal fulfillment.
    • Interactive Sessions: Participate in engaging activities, discussions, and guided exercises that foster a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships.
    • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the wisdom and experience of Keahi Ewa and Oren Yakovee, who will provide personalized support and insights throughout the program.

Are You Ready for Transformation?

    • If you are eager to understand your own emotions and those of others …
    • If you are passionate about becoming more self-aware …
    • If you recognize your unique gifts and want to share them with the world …
    • If you seek high emotional intelligence to lead a happy, fulfilling life …

… then this program is for you.

Why Is This Course Called ‘Becoming a Sun’?

The course “Becoming a Sun” is named to reflect the belief that it is our destiny to become like a sun—radiating warmth, fire, and light from within. It signifies our potential to bring understanding, empathy, and compassion to the world. While not everyone fulfills this destiny, each of us is called to it.

The human journey is one towards grace, and this course illuminates that path, supporting participants as they progress on their journey to becoming a sun.

A Journey to Grace

Emotional and spiritual intelligence guide us on our journey to grace, where we see life as a gift. Awareness is the key to realizing this journey, and through this program, you will learn to embrace the experiences life offers, transforming challenges into profound joy and fulfillment.

Course Structure

The program is based on “Becoming a Sun,” a book composed of poetry and prose, written in mini-chapters that average three pages each. Each day, we will explore one mini-chapter and engage in a reflective journal exercise, creating a powerful and transformative process that builds step-by-step.

Why Attend?

    • Self-Awareness: Gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and how they shape your experiences.
    • Emotional Mastery: Move beyond managing emotions to enjoying the emotional journey of life, achieving uncommon emotional mastery.
    • Spiritual Growth: Develop spiritual intelligence, enhancing your sense of peace, well-being, and empathy for all life forms.
    • Practical Application: Learn how to apply these insights to excel in your personal and professional relationships.


What Past Participants Have Said

“David Karchere’s ‘Becoming a Sun’ is a sun; it literally shone through my heart the moment I began to read it. It is the sun of light, love, and the radiance of Source glowing through each of us. With this book, we are able to feel the sun within us. It is always true, but often so hard to remember. I consider the poems within it to be vital gifts to all who are emerging today, guiding our world toward greater love and oneness.”

~ BARBARA MARX HUBBARD ~ Foundation for Conscious Evolution

The 7 Elements of Emotional Intelligence

Explore the seven phases of emotional intelligence as outlined in Becoming a Sun

1. The Warmth of Blessing
2. The Atmosphere of Understanding
3. The Bursts of Action
4. The Fusion of Fulfilling Mission
5. The Rays of Enlightened Thought
6. The Gravity of Courage
7. The Radiance and Reflections of Grace

These elements form the core of our program, guiding you through a comprehensive understanding of emotional patterns and their impact on your life.

Transformation woman meditating

Join Us at Edenvale

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Transform your life by developing emotional and spiritual intelligence with the guidance of experienced instructors and the supportive environment of Edenvale. We look forward to welcoming you this June!

For more information and to register, email, call us at 1-(604) 856-8820, or contact us here.

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If you need accommodations, please call 1-(604) 856-8820 to arrange your stay. Accommodations are $50.00 per night per person and also require a one-time $35.00 cleaning fee.

About the Author and Instructors

David Karchere is the author of the bestselling book Becoming a Sun: Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for a Happy, Fulfilling Life. He serves as the Director of Sunrise Ranch, where he is a dedicated and engaging leader known for his progressive leadership style and passionate commitment to transformational programming. As the Director of Sunrise Ranch, he oversees a new generation at the ranch and leads a global community. David’s work extends beyond Sunrise, as he has shared his teachings worldwide, including at the Novalis Centre in South Africa, the Omega Institute in New York, and in British Columbia, Norway, Japan, Australia, and other locations. Under his guidance, there is a vision for a bright future with more community projects, accessible courses, and a thriving global community connected through a shared purpose.

Keahi Ewa

Born in Las Vegas and raised between there and Hawaii, Keahi’s upbringing infused her with a deep appreciation for her Hawaiian heritage. She shares this cultural richness through her passion for hula, singing, and ukulele playing, infusing joy and laughter into all aspects of her work.

Keahi is a visionary leader, spiritual guide, and beacon of light in the world of transformational spirituality. With a deep-rooted commitment to fostering inner change and awareness, Keahi serves as the Director of Operations at Sunrise Ranch, a renowned holistic farm and event center in Loveland, Colorado, USA. In her role, she brings a wealth of experience and wisdom, creating spaces for growth and healing.

Oren Yakovee

A dedicated resident of Sunrise Ranch, Oren is committed to bringing a profound depth of presence rooted in love. He’s a graduate of the EDL Leadership Program, an Attunement practitioner, dreamwork facilitator, songwriter, and poet. He serves on the online education faculty for the Becoming a Sun Programs and holds key roles in the executive group and expanded trustees at Sunrise Ranch.

Oren’s greatest passion is developing the attunement current moment by moment, fostering a deeply united vibrational field in his courses and services. A proud father of two teenage boys, Oren’s work is a blend of compassion, creativity, and deep spiritual practice. Explore his offerings in service, music, poetry, and writings.

For more information and to register, email, call us at 1-(604) 856-8820, or contact us here.

If you have already decided, click the register button below to reserve your place.

If you need accommodations, please call 1-(604) 856-8820 to arrange your stay. Accommodations are $50.00 per night per person and also require a one-time $35.00 cleaning fee.


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