Becoming A Sun Book Club

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery? Due to popular demand, you can attend in person at Edenvale in Abbotsford, BC, or attend remotely using Zoom.

In this seven-week introductory exploration starting Tuesday May 28, we’ll dive into David Karchere’s powerful book, Becoming a Sun. This inspiring work illuminates the path to unlocking the incredible love, wisdom, and creativity that resides within each of us.

Here's what you can expect:

There is no admission fee, but donations are gratefully appreciated.

For more information and to register, email, call us at 1-(604) 856-8820, or contact us here. You could also register on our dedicated Becoming a Sun platform using this QR code:

Berry 2024 Head

Your Facilitator: Rev Berry Behr is the Global Interfaith Ambassador for Emissaries of Divine Light and is currently on site at Edenvale Centre, Abbotsford, BC. Rev Berry is an interfaith / inter-spiritual minister with experience in spiritual counseling, behavioural change technologies, healing and interfaith ministry. You are welcome to contact Rev Berry directly:


In Living Words

Under the Influence of Love Are you living under the influence of universal love or under the illusion of a story? You can imagine that a human life would be

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The Experience of Peace

There is a growing interest in spirituality in the world and it seems to be keeping pace with the awareness of the results of human activities on the planet. There

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The Freedom We Seek

July 1, 2016 was the 149th birthday of Canada. I live in the province of British Columbia. What comes dominantly to me at this time is the profound privilege it

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Get In Touch

If the process of Attunement intrigues you—or if you simply want to stay connected with people who resonate with something that is important to you—we invite you to stay in touch.

We’re happy to tell you what is transpiring in the world of Attunement. And we are always eager to hear from people who share our passion for Attunement. 

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An Online Course

Would you like to have a firsthand experience of the Power of Attunement for yourself? Join us for a free, one-session mini-course that introduces the foundational principles of the Attunement process.