Evolve 2017

When: August 19th-27th
Where: Edenvale Retreat Center

A one of a kind event for British Columbia !

EVOLVE 2017 is the result of a long time vision to bring global evolutionary leaders together in a forum with members of the greater community --to educate, collaborate and support each other in world changing initiatives. Due to the challenges of our rapidly changing world we believe that by bringing the voices of leadership together we can link our efforts and information in a more powerful and effective way.

Leaders in Environment, Community building, Youth programs, Interfaith & Spiritual pathways, Global Unity, Health and Healing and Conscious Evolution will be offering their experiences and wisdom into this interactive and thought provoking event. There will also be opportunities for our audiences to respond, ask questions and to socialize together in the peaceful setting of Edenvale Retreat and Conference Centre, Abbotsford, BC.

Edenvale Retreat and Conference centre (www.edenvaleretreat.ca) has been chosen as the venue for this gathering because of its commitment to keeping its 117 acres of fields and forests pristine, chemical free and in harmony with the natural world. Great care has been taken to create forest walkways, open fields and community gardens that do not upset the delicate balance of species and plant life that have made this land their home for decades. Edenvale has opened its land to elementary school children to experience outdoor learning and to appreciate and learn about the unique echosystem that it provides.

Evolve 2017 Event Speakers

Edenvale also provides meeting space, accommodation and delicious meals, nurturing and caring staff, and all of the fine touches that give the feeling of home and serenity – a perfect setting for this unique gathering!

EVOLVE 2017 is hosted by EDL BC (a registered charity) and is a not for profit event. Our objective is to be together and move forward together with the support of each other and the greater communities that will be inspired by this experience. Together we make a difference. Together we move towards solutions and changes that will restore peace and loving harmony into our world.

Evolve 2017 Attendance

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Seniors(55+) Discount


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We declare Edenvale Retreat & Conference Centre to be the ultimate retreat experience. We stand for impeccable guest service, and commit to providing a spacious, nourishing environment that fosters infinite possibility.
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