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Delaney Dancing Stars

Delaney is an Ojibway-Cree woman from Grassy Narrows, Ontario. She is a jingle dress dancer, grandmother of 2 grandsons and 6 granddaughters and mother of 2 sons. Delaney loves to draw and does an occasional acrylic artwork. She loves to share her traditional teachings.

She is a residential school survivor who believes in the power of healing others through spiritual journeys. Her greatest achievement was to walk across Canada in 2004 for the residential school survivors. The government awarded the Aboriginal Healing Centre 40 million dollars due to this walk.

Delaney was interviewed in the documentary titled, “Muffins for Granny” done by Nadia McLaren. Her parents, Marcel Pahpasay and Rose Pahpasay are pictured in a book titled, “Grassy Narrows”. This book addressed the mercury contamination on the reserve. Her brother, Keith Pahpasay, was severely affected with mercury poisoning.

Delaney will be joining us for ‘Interfaith and Spiritual Pathways’.

Delaney Dancing Stars