Cam Dore | Edenvale

Cam Dore

Cam has a Masters in Social Work from UBC and began his career supporting people learning disabilities in the early 80’s.

Previous to this he worked in medical/psychiatric settings, a clinic for alcoholics, a medical clinic for children and in a Neighborhood house. After heading  a more typical Community Living Agency for 16 years he took on the challenges of working with the last folks to leave a closing institution in BC.

For the last 20 years he has headed an agency called the HOME Society which has embedded the philosophy of Gentle Teaching for it’s early beginnings. Cam and the agency were mentored by Dr. John McGee. Cam was a founding member of Gentle Teaching International and the HOME Society leading the way in hosting the first GTI conference in 2000. Cam managed the Gentle Teaching International website over the last 2 decades and worked closely with John McGee to produce a series of training videos used across the world. He also collected much of John’s writings and honoured John’s wishes to make sure they were freely available on the web site. 

Cam speaks to us on our theme day ‘Global Unity’, August 21, 2017

Cam Dore