Ron Skene | Edenvale

Ron Skene

Ron has been involved in youth character and leadership development since 1974.

He was the director of Educo Adventure School during the 80’s & 90’s and has recently returned to Educo as Program Director. ( )

Educo got its name from the core meaning of the word “educate” which is derived from the Latin word “educo,” meaning to educe, to bring out, to draw out, and to develop from within. Educo Adventure School has provided this unique and inspiring experience to hundreds of young people over decades and continues to be a leader in outdoor learning adventures.

Ron’s passion has been developing innovative adventure / challenge activities that draw forth the highest and finest in young people. Educo is a powerful and exciting experience that continues to inspire and serve as a positive influence for the future of our youth.

Ron’s presentation will focus on the core essence of what Educo/The Drawing Forth Process involves and how the community can support Educo now and in the future.

Ron Skene