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Debbie Riopel

Debbie Riopel is a teacher, life coach and a busy volunteer.

As a teacher, Debbie has enjoyed a deeply rewarding 25-year career teaching primary school children. From 1995-2002, Debbie and her sister introduced and coordinated Random Acts of Kindness Week for schools throughout Alberta. This work rippled out around the globe and they became co-founders of the World Kindness Movement. Debbie has presented several workshops for teachers and school districts about the power of kindness.

In 2002, Debbie took a drastic step to document the global Face of Kindness and embarked on a 9 month, 16 country, world trip to capture “A World of Kindness” on film (YouTube-A World of Kindness Part 1 and 2) with her husband Mark Broscheit.

As a Life Coach, Debbie is honored to work with people in assisting them to create positive change in their lives!

Debbie Riopel